We often use the phrase ‘God Forbid’ to express a fervent wish that something doesn’t happen.
This new ‘The Global GOD FORBID Challenge’ series is something I wish that never happen. (I wish the other way around, like my previous ‘The Global Happiness challenge’ series).
Then, why I’ve started drawing this new series?
In my previous series, by illustrating a real crisis moment into happy moment, I tried to show how beautiful & happy the world can be without War. And we all want that happily beautiful world.
But, in this new series I’ve increased the crisis rather that reducing it & placed a global leader in that crisis situation. I tried to show; if, ‘GOD FORBID’, the leader is not a leader but a common person like us & facing a War situation along with his/her family.
What would they do? How would they feel? Who would they blame?

GOD FORBID, the humankind face the situation.

I’m happy to release this new series of mine on the anniversary of my previous series. I’m grateful to Anik Khan™️ for keeping my request again to be my mentor for ‘The Global GOD FORBID Challenge’ series too

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